Briefly, I am a multi-disciplinary artist, who uses creative practices as research tools. My work has been exhibited in China, Germany, and New York City.

I spend my time toying with boundaries. As a research-based artist and art-based researcher, I use work through sticky definitions, such as what makes a human or an individual. My projects engage with scientific and technological theories and the ways in which they change our idea of self. Whether in video or installation, borrowing from aquaculture or oenology, my projects ponder: Where does one body begin and end?

The pieces are often made collaboratively. At times, I work with people, at times with devices or organic material. A shared creative experience brings a richness to the projects and more color to life. I would also consider all aspects of my work as parts of one body, including this website, which was made by me.

My grandparents told me recently that my projects occupy themselves with connections. Specifically, they used the Hebrew word “ksharim”, which means both connections and knots. In my projects, whether examining bacterial systems, replicating telegraph networks, or playing with webs, connections are at the forefront. Connections themselves are what connect all my works, materially, thematically, and conceptually.

Each set of eyes that perceives my practice enlightens my own and illustrates a broader picture of how I create. Personally, I find three pillars central to my practice: connection, dynamism, and participation. Connection means finding the bridge between ideas and materials that feel disparate, and emphasizing interconnectivity. Dynamism means leaning into the principle of change, of life belonging to constant motion. Participation means working with others, in the various stages of creation. Art lives in interaction, rather than in a vacuum.

Instagram: @danamelaver