Sleepless Birds (Les oiseaux de nuit) is a documentary directed with Tom Claudon.
It premiered at Hot Docs Film Festival (Toronto, CA) on May 4, 2023, where it was nominated for best mid-length film.
It will also screen at Green Screen Naturfilmfestival (Eckernförde, DE) on September 9, 2023, where it is competing for best newcomer.
The film was produced by Pangolin Doxx Films.

Relluminations is a collection of vignettes that ponder the fluidity of light and darkness.
For accompanying essay click here. For accompanying photo series click here.

Digital Metronome is a duet between myself and my camera.
In this piece I set the stage for confusing the camcorder, which in return responds in sounds and in the visual way it experiences me.