Excerpt from the project Drops of Water (2020-), featuring the voices of my grandparents, Prof. Yoram Avnimelech and Mira Avnimelech.
A drop of water can tell us so much about ourselves. It is, like us, a composite of moving parts. It is atoms which bond together, and minerals picked up along the way. It is the story of every rock encountered and bend passed. It was a tear, a bead of sweat, a drop of rain on someone’s neck. With every second that passes, this water drop changes itself.

Drops of Water is a project structured around an experimental documentary film. This project looks at Biofloc technology and other sustainable aquaculture practices as a way to think about our definition of self. In observing bacterial clusters in fish tanks, their symbiotic relationship with animals, and the frequency with which they transform their entire structure, we may reconsider our own sense of being. The film is comprised of documentary footage shot on a shrimp farm in Kentucky, interviews with researchers, and performances.

In these performances, bacterial traits are interpreted as human. One imagines a group of people as bacterial clusters, constantly separating and uniting into changing structures. Another illustrates the ways in which bacterial bonds can be formed. By extending the dynamism of bacteria into human forms, these performances offer new ways to think about the self, in relation to other bodies.

Inspired by the work of my grandfather, Prof. Yoram Avnimelech, Drops of Water was made also with Mira Avnimelech, Adrian David[1], Dr. Andrew Ray (KYSU), Erick Tuto D., Florin Gorgos[2], Karl Wehling[3], Kendall Jacob, Kylie Bryant, Leo Fleckenstein (KYSU), Luke Alan Davis, MeuXX[4], Miguel Solano[5], Priscilla J. Gaona (aka Pejota), Sarah Binetsch[6], Tom Claudon[7], and more.

Excerpt from the project Drops of Water (2020-), featuring music by Tom Claudon.
Exhibition view at Kellen Gallery
November 22 – December 12, 2021
Excerpt with music by Florin Gorgos.
Excerpt from the project Drops of Water (2020-), featuring music by Tom Claudon.
This project began as my final project at Parsons School of Design. For the accompanying paper, please click here.
Drops of Water is related to the project Dead Dana.

[1] Including 2nd camera (Kentucky documentary footage)
[2] Music
[3] Color grading
[4] Music
[5] Movement guide (Dynamic Self)
[6] Camera (The Benefits of Biofloc)
[7] Including music and 2nd camera (Artificiality)